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Our mission is to be a client advocate for small to medium companies with 50 to 3000 employees and deliver outstanding customer service while improving operational efficiencies.  We have developed a systematic approach to understanding the whole company.  We strive to deliver personalized attention to each client and put great care in each company’s individual structure, so that you may entrust us to work with your most valued asset, your human capital.

The basis of our foundation is our 20 years of experience in Human Resource Information System (HRIS) functionality.  We have practiced as the Client and as the Vendor Representative.  Our background in Benefits, Payroll and Human Resource Administration allows us a holistic approach to needs analysis.  We aim to incorporate your company's business processes into the design and flow of your HRIS system. 

We have worked for and have maintained a relationship with some of the most well known HRIS providers in the industry.  This understanding has allowed us to evaluate the full scope of solutions for Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits, Time & Labor, Recruitment, Learning Management and Reporting in a non bias manner, giving us the ability to make recommendations on behalf of the client and not the vendor.  We do not work on behalf of any HRIS system. We exhibit a true HRIS consulting approach, where the client's needs dictate their ultimate system selection.  We don’t sell any products.  We only give you the information to make that decision and hold your hand through the process.

We understand the pitfalls of poor HRIS implementations and incorrect data flow that causes excessive time and effort to disengage.  We are experienced in uncovering the root of the issues and providing recommendations to move you through these difficulties in order for your Human Resource department to become an asset to your entire organization.

An HRIS Consulting Company
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